Is Coinbase a Safe Option for Your Money?

When it comes to money, security has, and always will be, priority number one. That being said, 2018 has marked a milestone year for cryptocurrencies, as well as the security backing to maintain their credibility. For the majority of people that are relatively new to the market of cryptocurrencies, and looking for a way to get involved, Coinbase has become the easiest way to convert your aging paper money, into digital currencies. In operation since 2012 from their home base in San Francisco, CA, Coinbase is one of the world’s foremost digital asset brokers that allows clients to send, receive, and store many of the most popular and in demand cryptocurrencies in the world. This article will answer the question, is Coinbase a safe option?

Find out if Coinbase is Safe


For users in the United States and other western territories, Coinbase is the most accessible platform, and gives users the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrencies through either debit or credit card, as well as via your personal bank account. Coinbase stores some of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies, including:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • ERC20 Tokens
  • Litecoin (LTC)

Coinbase has recently announced that they will be supporting ERC20 Tokens through their ICO launch on Ethereum.

The Safety of Coinbase

There are three critical areas that play key roles in the safety and security features offered by Coinbase, put in place to protect your funds from being stolen, and reimburse you if the unthinkable does happen.

The Coinbase Security Team

Coinbase has made massive strides in the prevention of the most apparent cybersecurity threat there is, hacking. Coinbase’s Director of Security, Phillip Martin, comes highly decorated, and is a founding member of the Palantir security team. He also served as a counterintelligence agent for the US Army, and he currently oversees the team of cybersecurity experts that monitor and protect Coinbase users’ investments 24-7-365 days a year. The team is comprised of cybersecurity experts form Silicone Valley and across the world, keeping hundred of eyes on your money around the clock.

Digital Currency Insurance

Once you have made the decision to store your cryptocurrencies at Coinbase, you can rest assured that their third party insurance has got you covered against the possibility of theft and hacking. If hackers do happen to by-pass the professional cybersecurity team, their third party insurer will reimburse you for all your losses. This third party insurance is covered by a syndicate of Lloyd’s bank of London, and is separate insurance policy from the policies of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) offering additional protection for USD deposits.

FDIC Insurance for USD Deposits

With Coinbase it is possible to store more than just your digital currencies, they have also made it possible for you to store US dollars there too. As with the insurance stated above, your cash money will be fully insured, as it is with the storage of your digital currencies. Keep in mind that the FDIC is not a private insurance agency, and is backed by the US Government, virtually assuring you that you will get all you’re your money back. You will have the same protection on your Coinbase dollars as you do on your regular US savings account. Guaranteed.

Final Decision

Coinbase has been pitted as a being on the same level as some of the other giants in the US Financial Institutions field, putting them on par with the big banking institutions of the United States. It’s as safe a having your money deposited in a US banking institution savings account. It is a safe and effective way to both, store your money, and convert your cash in digital currencies, offering their users guaranteed insurance from private and government agencies alike. There cybersecurity and currency protection is of a world standard, and is a first .


Apple iPhone 8’s Pitfall and Let Down’s

When you take a long hard look at the Apple iPhone 8, you will soon come to realize that Apple did not do all that they could to make the iPhone 8 all that it could be. Perhaps it’s because the major improvements have been put aside for the new iPhone X. Whatever the reason, it seems that Apple has let their loyal customers down with an iPhone that leaves much to be desired in terms of design and functionality. Although faster, and boasting a better screen that the iPhone 7, Apple’s iPhone 8 is a nice phone to have, but it’s certainly not a “must-have”.

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Buy Your Own Wireless Charger

Wireless charging has made its move into the realms of smartphone technology, as it rightly should, even though Apple does not yet have their own wireless charging base. The iPhone 8 comes standard with the Lightening cable and plug, but is fully compatible with existing QI wireless charging standard, and with charging stations already located in many public places, making use of the wireless charging options is going to come in handy, with Qi-compatible chargers already built into some fast food chain countertops.

The arrival of the new AirPower charging base is approaching soon, and will be able to charge the new iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 3, and AirPods. However, if faster charging is still something that you are after, you will have to fork out some extra cash for the USB-C-to-Lightening cable, and of course a separate, higher-wattage MacBook charger.

Better, but not Dual Cameras

Unlike the newer iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone x, the Apple iPhone 8 do not come with the esteemed dual-cameras option, although the photos do still look pretty good. In the iPhone 8, the front and rear cameras are improved thanks in large to the new sensors, and the new image signal processor. Low-light shots come out better, and the shutter speed is slightly faster too. The iPhone 8, for some reason, is lacking the clever portrait effects that are found in the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus, as well as the 2x optical zoom telephoto lens.

The Apple iPhone 8 can now also shoot 60fps, 4K videos and 240fsp, 1080p slow-motion videos. Although they do not seem all that significant, these video changes make the world of difference when it comes to doing some more serious video work.

Why is it Not Shatterproof?

Although Apple has made no claims regarding the just how impact-proof the iPhone 8 really is, they do claim that their new iPhones are 50% more durable than the iPhone 7‘s glass of last year. The impact and scratch improvements that have been made, include a more durable, aluminum steel frame reinforcement. Through some independent drop tests that have been conducted, the iPhone 8 did not test on the exceptional side, shattering at a drop of just 5-feet. Rather, the advice that was given was to keep them in a case. The iPhone 8 did however, prove to be more durable than the new iPhone X.

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Tiny AV Adjustments: Ture Tone and Better Speakers

The Apple iPhone 8 comes fitted with an LCD screen, and is disappointingly the same size and resolution as the iPhone6, 6S and the iPhone7. The newer Galaxy and iPhone X come standard with an OLED screen, saving power offering a far better contrast, and black levels. The iPhone 8 has however been give last years’ iPad Pro’s Ture Tone to adjust the ambient effect of the screen. It does make the screen a little less harsh on the eyes with everyday reading, almost like having an advanced all-day night shift. The speaker of the Apple iPhone 8 are a little better that those of the iPhone 7, giving you a beefier bass sound and some additional volume.

It seems as though Apple has saved all the best features and upgrade for its new flagship phone, iPhone X. The iPhone 8 has not seen any big leaps since from the iPhone 7, and does not even compare the iPhone X, begging the question, “Is the iPhone 8 worth its weight in gold?

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Reasons To Buy It

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the premier flagship smartphones on the entire market. Samsung consistently makes subtle refinements which turn their previous iteration into a much better option for consumers. The S9 is no different. They managed to make refinements that turn the Samsung Galaxy S9 their most compelling option yet. Below, we will talk about some of the reasons you might consider upgrading.

Samsung Galaxy S9 information and reasons to buy it

Reasons To Upgrade To A Samsung Galaxy S9:

1. Speaker Quality.

One of the biggest upgrades for those that use their device as a media consumption device would have to be the speaker quality. Not only are the speakers much better on the newer iteration, but they feature Dolby Atmos compatibility. This means that you will be able to take advantage of Dolby Atmos sound quality where it is available from the source. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about muffling your speakers because you will have stereo speakers to work with. The previous iteration really had poor quality audio because it only featured one small speaker at the bottom of the phone. Meaning, if you held the phone in your hand, you could completely distort or muffle the audio.

2. Camera Quality.

The camera has seen a tremendous improvement in low light photos. If you are someone that uses your phone in low light conditions, you are going to want to make the upgrade because Samsung really nailed it with their low light photography refinements. This is primarily due to the increased size of the sensor. Because it offers much more room for light to come in, you will be able to get improved photos in low light conditions.

3. Upgrade Program.

If you are someone that invests in Samsung phones a lot, you are going to be able to take full advantage of Samsung’s upgrade program where you will be able to trade in your current phone for a fairly good value. This means that it is going to cost even less to gain entry to the latest and greatest.

4. Screen.

The screen quality of the newest iteration is better than ever before. The S9 features the single best screen on the entire market and you will not be disappointed. While the S8 iterations were great as well, Samsung made subtle refinements which offer more brightness making it a superior screen.

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5. Fast Connectivity.

Another reason would be due to the fact that it features the fattest LTE on a smartphone to date. You are going to get blazing speeds if you are connected to an LTE network.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to make the upgrade to a Galaxy S9. If you are looking to purchase a new phone and you are primarily looking at Android, there is no better phone to choose on the entire market. You can’t go wrong when you make the decision to purchase a Samsung S9 because it is easily the best phone Samsung has made to date and it offers everything you would likely want in a flagship smartphone.

Is Cryptocurrency IRA A Real Thing And A Good Option?

While you can certainly invest in all types of crypto-currencies easy enough, having a cryptocurrency IRA is a different story. Have you heard about this choice? It would mean that you get to invest in digital currencies using a more traditional type of account, and you would also get the tax benefits of having the IRA. Is that really possible? If so, how can you set up one of those IRAs?

Even if it’s possible and you’re able to set one up easily enough, you are going to want to know if it’s a good idea as an investment opportunity. Well, some would say yes, and some would say no. Just the idea of it alone can make many people wonder because you need an online digital wallet that stores cryptocurrencies in order to even own them. How have the companies that offer IRAs set it up to where you can have an account that holds digital currencies?

make a cryptocurrency investment - Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin

That’s not the only question. The government is responsible for overseeing the tax benefits of IRAs and Max contributions, yet they have nothing to do with the regulation of the digital cryptocurrencies. So do they really allow people to invest in digital currencies for an IRA? Sure they do. Check out one of our favorites guides on how to invest your IRA into digital currencies at Smart Bitcoin Investments.

It appears that it is allowed for sure, but are you wanting to start one of those accounts? It is really interesting, but would you have to have only digital currencies? If you did, you could only contribute a certain amount if you don’t want to max out your contributions investing in cryptocurrencies. You could then have a separate IRA account that you could use for investing in traditional securities or funds.

You might be interested in hearing that there are some big-name investment firms that offer cryptocurrency investments to their clients. If that is the case, maybe you actually can have an account with both traditional securities and cryptocurrencies. If you can’t for some reason, I would think that you would definitely be able to at some point in the future.

You see, while I’m not a fan of digital currencies, I would have to tell you that I think they are only going to get more popular. There seems to definitely be money to be made when it comes to investing in them, at least to some degree. It is difficult sometimes to tell which direction cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin are heading these days, and of course, not all of the digital currencies are going to be sticking around.

If you were to start a cryptocurrency IRA investment, then you are going to want to know more about the details. What types of returns are people getting on them? Are the currencies easily converted to cash? Do the companies help you convert the digital currencies? You have quite a few questions, and you can get all the answers that you need. Just keep on looking at what’s out there in regards to cryptocurrency IRA, and you can then decide if you want to set up an account.

The Apple iPhone X Versus The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Apple iPhone X Versus The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – A Side By Side Comparison Of Today’s Hottest Phones

Apple and Samsung are the two big hitters in the smartphone market and their new flagship devices are set to go head to head. The Apple iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are both powerful expensive devices that are packed with many high-tech features. However, you might be wondering which one you should be getting. There are a number of points that you should consider when comparing the 2 phones.

The Design

Zizo Apple iPhone X CaseThere are some similarities in the design of these two phones. Both have a metal frame with a glass back. However, the corners of the Apple iPhone X are more curved and there is no bezel on the front. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 only has a thin strip of bezel above and below the display.

Zizo Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case

In terms of weight and dimensions, there are some noticeable differences. The Apple iPhone X weighs 174 grams while the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 weighs 195 grams. The iPhone has dimensions of 143.6 by 70.9 by 7.7 mm while the Note 8 is larger at 162.5 by 74.8 by 8.6 mm.


The Display

The display is actually the most noticeable feature on the iPhone X as it fills the front of the device. The home button has been lost to leave more room for the screen and the fingerprint scanner of earlier models has also been dropped. The Note 8 offers a large screen as well but has retained the fingerprint scanner by moving it to the back of the device. Make sure to protect your screen with a smartphone cover that will ensure long lasting durability: – Zizo iPhone X Case

The Apple iPhone X has a display of 5.8 inches with a Super Retina display that offers a pixel density of 458 pixels per inch. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offers a large screen at 6.3 inches and a better pixel density of 521 pixels per inch on an OLED screen. If you are looking for the best picture then the Note 8 does offer a larger and sharper image. If you want to protect your Galaxy Note 8 screen with a smartphone cover grab a case that will protect it for the long term: – Zizo Galaxy Note 8 Case

Operating Systems And Power

If you are looking for power, then neither of these phones are going to disappoint. The Apple iPhone X has a new A11 Bionic chipset which is a six-core and will be a substantial upgrade to the power of the iPhone 7. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come with either the octa-core Exynos 8895 or the octa-core Snapdragon 835 chipset depending on your location. This will make the Note 8 one of the most powerful phones on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also have 6 GB of RAM while the Apple iPhone X only offers 3 GB. While this will seem to put the Galaxy Note 8 in the lead, tests have shown that the iPhone X chipset is able to hold its own against the octa-core ones.

When it comes to operating systems, these phones have iOS 11 for the Apple iPhone X and Android Nougat for the Note 8. If you have used either operating system before, there will be little change. However, the iPhone X now has a place for the home button in the iOS display. Another difference for the Note 8 is that you will get an S Pen which allows you to sketch and write on the phone.

How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets – Ideas And Easy Tips

How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets – Ideas And Easy Tips

If you’re sick and tired of walking into your kitchen and seeing the same old interior design you’ve had since you moved into the house, one of the best ways to add a new bit of visual flair is to refinish your cabinets. You’d be surprised at what some of the simplest changes possible might help you accomplish. If you aren’t the handiest person in the world, however, don’t fret! With the ideas below, you’ll be a complete expert that can easily refinish kitchen cabinets in your sleep! – Refinish Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego, CA

1 – Add A Clear Coat For Gloss

First of all, you should consider merely adding a clear coat on top of your cabinets to give them a bit of gloss. This is perfect for adding a bit of “like new” sheen. Keep in mind that this will really only work if the custom cabinets currently have a muted, matte finish. If you like the color and find that any current wear and tear is actually acceptable and in keeping with the “rustic” aesthetic, a clear coat is all you need to give the kitchen cabinets just a bit more visual presence. They’ll capture the light and immediately make the entire space feel a bit fresh.

2 – Strip The Paint Away To Get It Ready For Refinishing

reface refinish kitchen cabinetsIf you hate the color of your kitchen cabinets and suspect that the wood underneath might carry its own weight visually, you can always strip the existing paint away. This can be a bit of a long process and you have to take great care not to damage the material underneath. Once the paint has been removed, however, all it takes is a little sanding and the application of sealant, gloss, or wood varnish and you’ll have a great natural looking array of cabinets that you can easily feel proud of.

3 – Re-Paint (And Get Creative)

Finally, merely re-painting the cabinets is always a viable option. This is perhaps the easiest method for bringing in a whole new feel to the kitchen without doing much work. If you want to open the space some and make it a bit more inviting, consider using brighter, neutral colors such as white as your base.How To Refinish Cabinets

Don’t feel as if you have to be subjected to a monochrome palette, however. Feel free to stretch your creative wings a bit! For instance, you can paint the base of the cabinets white and the doors themselves another color such as light green, blue, or pink. With stencils, you can even incorporate patterns into the mix. Whatever you decide to do, just be sure to seal the paint after to protect it and make cleaning easier in the long run.

With that, you should have a firm basis to start from! There are plenty of other options you might want to consider after you refinish kitchen cabinets as well, including open cabinets with no doors or the installation of mesh. Just remember, this is your kitchen, so feel free to do whatever feels right! When you complete the project be sure to take some fine photographs and share them with family and friends.

Learn About Yourself With A Numerology Name Calculator

Find Out More About Yourself With A Numerology Name Calculator

Numerology is perhaps one of the most interesting studies in the world. It revolves around the prospect that everything pertaining to a number has a special meaning. Even the time of day, the day itself, the month, and the year you were born is said to play a part in the type of person you eventually become, as well as what your life has in store for you. Even individual aspects of yourself such as your name can be transferred over to a number for further analysis. That’s precisely where a numerology name calculator comes in.


Is Numerology Actually Worth Looking Into?

As with many similar studies such as astrology, numerology has been subject to quite a lot of skepticism over the years. Many people tend to fold their arms and dismiss it as baseless as far as scientific fact goes. In some ways, perhaps that’s true. There’s no real proof that numerology is valid. Most of the findings are anecdotal at best.

Even so, the study has a wealth of specialists and it’s certainly nothing new. This isn’t just a fad; people have been looking to numerology for years in an effort to help them better understand themselves and how they fit in with the universe. Given all of the intense study, our understanding of the basic concepts is actually fairly well developed by now. On those grounds alone, it’s at least worth investigating.

The Real Advantages Of Numerology

If nothing more, typing your name into a numerology name calculator online is a fun way to kill a bit of time. No matter how strict your views of the laws of the universe may be from a scientific perspective, it’s interesting to explore the unknowns and get lost in a bit of creative, “what if” level of thinking. There’s no harm in that!

Even better still, you might actually learn something about yourself from whatever information the name calculator manages to provide. Much like reading horoscopes or looking up your astrological personality profile, there’s at least some value in a new form of introspection. You’ll also receive a third-party analysis of what you might have to offer the world. Even if it doesn’t solve all of the life’s mysteries for you, maybe that can a least make you feel a bit better about yourself as a whole. Again, the prevalent question here is “what’s the harm?”

With all of that in mind, it really is worth a try if you find a decent link to a numerology site with a name calculator. You can even make a game out of it with your friends to compare and contrast what everyone’s results might be. As long as you take everything with at least a grain of salt, it’s completely harmless to look into what numerology has to offer. There’s still plenty of value in it from a neutral perspective. Besides, it’s much better to be open-minded when it comes to life’s many experiences.

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