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I just wanted to thank you for your theme ‘Aura’. It is simply the best theme I’ve ever used - minimal and stunning! A whole lot of premium themes don’t even come close to being as good. I love that you give people the option to not have post notes on the blog (brilliant, a thousand thank you’s) and how smooth the endless scrolling is. Please don’t let this theme ever die (if you ever think of making a premium version of it I’d be happy to pay whatever price you put on it !!) Thank you! ~Sunjo

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Tilt-Shift In Paris | Photographer
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When you came in the air went out.
And every shadow filled up with doubt.
I don’t know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,
I wanna do bad things with you.

I’m the kind to sit up in his room.
Heart sick an’ eyes filled up with blue.
I don’t know what you’ve done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you.

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For more Urban, Dope & Grunge check out: http://rushahead.tumblr.com
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p-A-ris by night by Kévin Garambois
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Lonely balloon! Early concept work for an upcoming collaboration with Tweedy.
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Maui coastline. by Ron Chapple