Apple iPhone 8’s Pitfall and Let Down’s

When you take a long hard look at the Apple iPhone 8, you will soon come to realize that Apple did not do all that they could to make the iPhone 8 all that it could be. Perhaps it’s because the major improvements have been put aside for the new iPhone X. Whatever the reason, it seems that Apple has let their loyal customers down with an iPhone that leaves much to be desired in terms of design and functionality. Although faster, and boasting a better screen that the iPhone 7, Apple’s iPhone 8 is a nice phone to have, but it’s certainly not a “must-have”.

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Buy Your Own Wireless Charger

Wireless charging has made its move into the realms of smartphone technology, as it rightly should, even though Apple does not yet have their own wireless charging base. The iPhone 8 comes standard with the Lightening cable and plug, but is fully compatible with existing QI wireless charging standard, and with charging stations already located in many public places, making use of the wireless charging options is going to come in handy, with Qi-compatible chargers already built into some fast food chain countertops.

The arrival of the new AirPower charging base is approaching soon, and will be able to charge the new iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 3, and AirPods. However, if faster charging is still something that you are after, you will have to fork out some extra cash for the USB-C-to-Lightening cable, and of course a separate, higher-wattage MacBook charger.

Better, but not Dual Cameras

Unlike the newer iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone x, the Apple iPhone 8 do not come with the esteemed dual-cameras option, although the photos do still look pretty good. In the iPhone 8, the front and rear cameras are improved thanks in large to the new sensors, and the new image signal processor. Low-light shots come out better, and the shutter speed is slightly faster too. The iPhone 8, for some reason, is lacking the clever portrait effects that are found in the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus, as well as the 2x optical zoom telephoto lens.

The Apple iPhone 8 can now also shoot 60fps, 4K videos and 240fsp, 1080p slow-motion videos. Although they do not seem all that significant, these video changes make the world of difference when it comes to doing some more serious video work.

Why is it Not Shatterproof?

Although Apple has made no claims regarding the just how impact-proof the iPhone 8 really is, they do claim that their new iPhones are 50% more durable than the iPhone 7‘s glass of last year. The impact and scratch improvements that have been made, include a more durable, aluminum steel frame reinforcement. Through some independent drop tests that have been conducted, the iPhone 8 did not test on the exceptional side, shattering at a drop of just 5-feet. Rather, the advice that was given was to keep them in a case. The iPhone 8 did however, prove to be more durable than the new iPhone X.

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Tiny AV Adjustments: Ture Tone and Better Speakers

The Apple iPhone 8 comes fitted with an LCD screen, and is disappointingly the same size and resolution as the iPhone6, 6S and the iPhone7. The newer Galaxy and iPhone X come standard with an OLED screen, saving power offering a far better contrast, and black levels. The iPhone 8 has however been give last years’ iPad Pro’s Ture Tone to adjust the ambient effect of the screen. It does make the screen a little less harsh on the eyes with everyday reading, almost like having an advanced all-day night shift. The speaker of the Apple iPhone 8 are a little better that those of the iPhone 7, giving you a beefier bass sound and some additional volume.

It seems as though Apple has saved all the best features and upgrade for its new flagship phone, iPhone X. The iPhone 8 has not seen any big leaps since from the iPhone 7, and does not even compare the iPhone X, begging the question, “Is the iPhone 8 worth its weight in gold?

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