I need ideas for names of a milk drink.

An everyday bottle of milk you have with lunch etc

Any great ideas?

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  1. nicksloft answered: Milk-it
  2. pconcannon answered: cow white gold liquid
  3. sillisa answered: laychay
  4. regenerationbyspoopy answered: "Squirts"
  5. layser answered: malk
  6. chumgubbin answered: Udderly Delicious
  7. inspirationheremelissa answered: cow
  8. breakfastt answered: moo
  9. liv-oliveira answered: the dairy milk?
  10. mvknab answered: Bottled Milk.
  11. even-ifyourvoiceshakes answered: moother natures nectar
  12. onedarkfebruary answered: Lact-tasty
  13. theindigoclub answered: baby cow’s stolen liquid
  14. nikki-loveandbeloved answered: moo juice
  15. yummy-kitten answered: Milky Milk….
  16. theartofconvenience answered: I’ll vote for Calcitron
  17. hsvfan answered: udder necter
  18. spazzledazzlevstheworld answered: udder juice
  19. alannahisthatu answered: klim yummy
  20. gizemkosar answered: Milk
  21. makee-my-hips-stirr answered: caramel big M , nomnomnomnomn
  22. imkillian answered: cow urine… white water …opaque… boobjuice
  23. felixpheonix answered: Lacto Drinko
  24. falsa-timida answered: -
  25. kissesandkoi answered: moo moo mojo
  26. jamesleejoint answered: Milk Drink
  27. amny answered: MALK
  28. intato answered: bleach
  29. helga-pataki answered: Leche de Magnificent
  30. watdafuqbro answered: VitaminDrank/rink
  31. sliverofnight answered: milky milk :)
  32. misterbounce answered: CalciYum
  33. youplaybanjo answered: tit juice
  34. satisfascination answered: The Cow. Calciyumm!
  35. dontcarerightnow answered: i’d give it a robot name, like calcitron
  36. rolfy answered: mooh-juice
  37. ithinkweshouldhavesexnowthati answered: Milk Bottle x
  38. i-am-not-really-sure-why-i answered: bioloMILKal. idk XD
  39. amethystveins answered: milk way
  40. suicidaawn answered: you want what!
  41. iamnotentertained answered: meow milx
  42. to-themoon answered: silky-milky
  43. will-scc answered: No Use Crying Over..
  44. radiopastel answered: BoogerChopper
  45. i-am-everything-thats-not-me answered: milkchug
  46. vxntxblxck said: White gold
  47. rachaeleve answered: oaktree?