Samsung Galaxy S9 – Reasons To Buy It

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the premier flagship smartphones on the entire market. Samsung consistently makes subtle refinements which turn their previous iteration into a much better option for consumers. The S9 is no different. They managed to make refinements that turn the Samsung Galaxy S9 their most compelling option yet. Below, we will talk about some of the reasons you might consider upgrading.

Samsung Galaxy S9 information and reasons to buy it

Reasons To Upgrade To A Samsung Galaxy S9:

1. Speaker Quality.

One of the biggest upgrades for those that use their device as a media consumption device would have to be the speaker quality. Not only are the speakers much better on the newer iteration, but they feature Dolby Atmos compatibility. This means that you will be able to take advantage of Dolby Atmos sound quality where it is available from the source. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about muffling your speakers because you will have stereo speakers to work with. The previous iteration really had poor quality audio because it only featured one small speaker at the bottom of the phone. Meaning, if you held the phone in your hand, you could completely distort or muffle the audio.

2. Camera Quality.

The camera has seen a tremendous improvement in low light photos. If you are someone that uses your phone in low light conditions, you are going to want to make the upgrade because Samsung really nailed it with their low light photography refinements. This is primarily due to the increased size of the sensor. Because it offers much more room for light to come in, you will be able to get improved photos in low light conditions.

3. Upgrade Program.

If you are someone that invests in Samsung phones a lot, you are going to be able to take full advantage of Samsung’s upgrade program where you will be able to trade in your current phone for a fairly good value. This means that it is going to cost even less to gain entry to the latest and greatest.

4. Screen.

The screen quality of the newest iteration is better than ever before. The S9 features the single best screen on the entire market and you will not be disappointed. While the S8 iterations were great as well, Samsung made subtle refinements which offer more brightness making it a superior screen.

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5. Fast Connectivity.

Another reason would be due to the fact that it features the fattest LTE on a smartphone to date. You are going to get blazing speeds if you are connected to an LTE network.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to make the upgrade to a Galaxy S9. If you are looking to purchase a new phone and you are primarily looking at Android, there is no better phone to choose on the entire market. You can’t go wrong when you make the decision to purchase a Samsung S9 because it is easily the best phone Samsung has made to date and it offers everything you would likely want in a flagship smartphone.

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